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Rainbow children are our oldest children (age 3-4 years). Following appropriate role-models leads children into considering others, being kind, sharing and developing good communication and social skills. Our Rainbow children learn all of this at Oaklands and turn out to be delightful children. Rainbow children are on a ratio of 1:8. Activities in the room are selected to engage and challenge their individual interests and therefore their learning. 

Our long-standing qualified staff are equiped to achieve the very best outcomes children as they get ready for starting 'big school'. Staff use the Early Years' Foundation Scheme guidance to plan/observe and track children's development. The play and learning activities are designed to gague each child's progress individually. 

Children are rewarded and praised for their efforts and are given certificates and stars. It all helps to produce confident, well-rounded children. We are confident that once your child graduates from the Rainbow Room (sometimes after spending four happy years at Oaklands) that they will be more than ready to take on the challenge of 'big school'.

Quotes from the parents of our latest batch of leavers:

“Thanks so much for helping me for al these years. You have helped me develop in so many ways and me, my mum and dad are so grateful for all your help and support. You’re the absolute best and I love you all loads. Love Joe”.

“We can’t thank you all enough. Olivia has had such a fantastic 3 years at Oaklands, she has come home in some states but that is what I love! She has had so much fun and love. Thank you for caring for our little girl. All our love Carly and Mark”.

“Wow! 3 and a half years has flown by! I don’t know where the time has gone, one thing I know for sure though is that Ben has been very well looked after in that time. You are all wonderful people and are what make Oaklands such a great nursery! Love the Holdaways.”


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